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2017 was a big year for the buildings all around us, and thanks to building information modeling (BIM), there’s no doubt that 2018 will be too. To learn how it will be changing over the course of the next year, reached out to experts from some of the leading firms in BIM.

Designers from Turner and Fleischer opted to use laser scanning to capture the structure of the building in order to have precise as-built 3D data to help them achieve the desired renovations and additions. (Image courtesy of Turner and Fleischer.)

Increased BIM Adoption

Vectorworks CEO Biplab Sarkar sees an increase in BIM adoption. “By the end of 2017, global design and BIM software developer Vectorworks, Inc., will receive more than 18,000 new software licenses, which isn’t typical for a CAD program,” Sarkar said.“We can attribute this escalated growth to the fact that we offer a robust BIM solution. Our BIM reputation coupled with the continued adoption of BIM worldwide is also contributing to our increase in sales. Our focus on openBIM is a major factor of our reputation because we’ve always supported open standards of design such as IFC, STEP, COLLADA and many other formats.”

For Vectorworks, this growth in customers comes from designers leaving the firm’s competition, as a result of its “Make the Switch” campaign, as well as a retention of existing customers.

But not every member of the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry is…

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