RevitCat: Weird Railing Stuff – part 10

Have you ever tried to create a Revit railing with a split or break in it?  You’d have seen the warning that tells you it is not possible in Revit:

Split Revit Railings

Well, there is a way to do it – yes you can split railings (with lots of provisos, of course).
WARNING: this is another crazy workaround, so use it with caution . . .

In this example, a railing runs through a column, which is not desirable

You may want to break the railing and have a gap either side of the column

The first thing to do is edit the path of the railing, remove the top segments and stop it short of the column by say 50mm.

Once the top part of the railing is removed, Tab-select the ‘Top Rail’ (or Handrail) – it is important to select one of these sub-elements, not the overall railing.  NB. if your railing does not have either of these sub-elements, this technique won’t work (eg. old style top rails)

Once selected, click on ‘Edit Rail’

Then click on ‘Edit Path’ for the Top Rail


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