Two Bespoke Creations: Same Idea, Different Inputs, Processes and Motivations

photo courtesy of Dr. Erin Bradner

We are on the brink of the biggest change in how we make things since the industrial revolution, and this isn’t just about new technology. It’s about changes in culture, politics, and attitudes. As a leading 3D technology provider for the architecture, engineering, and construction; product design and manufacturing; and media and entertainment industries, Autodesk is paying attention to three major catalysts for disruption of the industries that we serve:

  1. Means of Production

    The process of how we make physical things is evolving. Autodesk customers simply don’t design, manufacture, or build things the same way as they used to.

  2. The Nature of Consumer Demand

    The customers of Autodesk customers care more about how and where things are made. Interest in locally made, produced, and sold items is growing everywhere. Customers prefer bespoke creations over off-the-shelf goods and services.

  3. Products themselves

    The term “Product” is a…

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