3 Boring Revit Tasks To Automate With Dynamo

You spend hundreds of hours doing boring and mundane tasks on Revit.

These tasks can be automated using tools live Revit Macros or the visual programming platform Dynamo.

In this guide, you will learn about the difference between Macros and Dynamo. You will also learn 3 boring tasks you should start automating now using Dynamo.

To write this post, I had the help of Michael Kilkelly from archsmarter.com. He is a leader in the Revit programming space and wrote many useful blog posts on this topic. He also has created his own courses about programming and efficiency in Revit.

The main differences between Dynamo and Macros are described in the image below. In short, Dynamo is designed for beginners. If you have little or no programming experience, I recommend that you learn Dynamo before Macros. This blog post will focus on Dynamo.


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