Another weekend almost gone.  Going to do a quick report.  I started with the corridor outside the two waiting rooms.  This is a nice shapshot.

It shows kind of a before and after (left and right) as I started to refine the section based on Troup’s survey drawings from just before the Bank was demolished in the 1920s.  Also on show the windows to the waiting rooms, worked up by my Canadian collaborator, and just a hint of the two skylights courtesy of Matt in the UK.  Zooming in you can see that I’ve started to add ceilings and an embryonic slit window family to be fitted out in Canada.

You can also make out the roof slopes and the gutter which I guess leads to a downpipe embedded in the wall and down to the cellars where I guess it will eventually join the Walbrook, an ancient stream that was culverted and still flows under the Bank, to this day.  Note how the slit window is sneaked in at high level, bouncing light down into the corridor indirectly. 

The side walls of the corridor…

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