May we introduce … BILT Academy – RTC News

a non-profit organization with a mission to shape the future experts of the building industry. Our aim for this blog is to focus on the technological part of the Architecture, Engineering and Construction fields.

Together with our mother organizations, BILT and RTC, as well as carefully selected mentors and students, we want to provide you with tips, tricks, workarounds, workflows and latest news, interviews, and last but not least- answers to your questions.

So, what topics will we cover and how often should you check our blog?

Our blog is going to be updated weekly covering these topics:

  • General
  • Architecture
  • Coding, Content and Customisation
  • Computation Design
  • Estimation
  • Model Management
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Simulation and Analysis
  • Structure
  • Visualisation

Why are we doing it?

We want to ensure that the next generation of professionals have a place to update themselves with technology news and to have a sense of the community they are about to enter.

We would like to invite…

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