Revit Wall Naming Conventions

This last year I was involved in a Template creation exercise for one of my clients that involved the creation and naming of some standard Revit walls. I will readily admit that I am not 100% on board with what the final naming structure of the walls ended up being. I will also admit that I could be in the wrong. So I decided to do some research on the subject again.

I found several Forum treads and blog posts where people had put their 2 cents in on the subject:  AUGI Revit Fourm Practical BIM  Revitopia BIMScape US Dept of Veteran Affairs

I also looked at how USG Name the Revit walls they have on line, as well as Clark Dietrich’s Revit Add-in that creates walls.

In seeing all of these differing opinions I thought I would put together a quick survey about the subject. Revit Wall Naming Survey If you have time add your 2 cents to the survey.
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