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It is based on an Enscape3d export from the C4R model of the Bank of England.  You can create executable files with Enscape that are easy to navigate around and take screenshots from.  I generated almost 200 images in a couple of hours covering most spaces in this intricate building complex in quite some detail.  From these images I am creating collages, spiced up with relevant reference material collected over the past two and a half years. 

In doing this, I have tried to interweave the story of the Bank’s evolution (from 1734 when Sampson began the work, to 1833 when Soane retired) with a commentary on the current state of the model, hinting at its shortcomings and potential tasks for participants to undertake.  Hopefully this will inspire more enthusiasts to contribute and bring the entire project up to the rich level of detail that Russell and Alberto achieved in their work.

So let’s begin.

At the…

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