Super Bowl – RTC News

Well, it must be the end of January again, because the Patriots have again stormed through the championships and punched their ticket to the super bowl, oh wait, I forget anyone living west of the Hudson or south of Connecticut pretty much hates on the Patriots. Well no fear, I’m sure a day of reckoning is ahead for Pats fans (sometime). 

Let’s talk about another super bowl; The design technology super bowl, known as DTS. We are getting back into planning for DTS 2018 after a bit of a late fall/early winter lay-off. Top on our list of to-do items is to: 

  • Release our DTS statements from our 2017 session 
  • Finalize our broad topic agenda for 2018 
  • Bring on board partners for our 2018 event 

In terms of our statements doc, at the moment we’ve distilled it down to a few core “principals” which seem to encompass much of the more detailed requirements or desires (in no order of particular priority): 

  1. Lightweight user interfaces that support multiple devices and…

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