Using classifications in naming conventions

One subject that regularly comes up when discussing BIM and classification is how these should be including in naming conventions for labels/titles. This conversation could be around the naming of items such as layers, documents or objects.

I have been keeping an eye on this recent Twitter discussion – as I was tagged into it – so I thought I’d gather a few opinions and do a blog post.

At NBS, when developing Uniclass 2015 throughout the industry consultation it was clear that (a) more depth was required to classify a greater number of items – so double digit separators where required and (b) as a separator the ‘_’ was preferable to ‘-‘  or a space so that it didn’t clash with 1192 standard series naming convention.

On these two points, there was always a risk that this clashes with certain standards that require classification. For example some standards may put a maximum length on a classification and some may require certain separator symbols. However, a new unified…
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