I’m going to pause the 4 part Bank of England overview series to describe this weekends preparations for the next phase of collaboration. We are targeting the Waiting Rooms in the Director’s Parlours, part of Soane’s N.W. Extension. Three of us involved in the work at present

I am packaging up tasks into manageable, short, Family Editor exercises.  You get a starter file and a set of reference images.  The task involves increasing the Level of Detail.

There is a super-family in there that includes the vaults of the “starfish ceiling”, the fireplace, skirting (base) board and a very simple family to represent the decorative arch that frames the barrel vaults at either side of the main space.  The fireplace needs quite a lot of work, and there’s a chair rail to be added too.

I have taken ownership of all the door families for the moment because they follow quite a complex nested system of my own devising.  I spent some time enlarging and refining this door based on the reference…

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