Data, the cloud and the internet of things

In terms of data, the cloud and the internet of things there are many examples of how this revolutionising the world around us. Whether this is Fleet Management of TrucksSmart Retail or Smart Motorways – ‘things’ (trucks, products, cars) are given a data structure. Sensors then report on the real-time performance of these things by push information into this data structure in the cloud. Decisions can then be made based on past and existing performance to improve existing or future performance.

I enjoy running. And one thing that has made this hobby more enjoyable in recent years is ‘seeing the data‘.

Last year I bought a Garmin Watch and I am completely fascinated by the data analysis it offers.

For example, the runner, the route and the conditions are given a data structure. For example:

  • The runner
    • Age
    • Weight
    • Heart rate
    • Steps per minute
  • The route
    • Distance
    • Elevation
    • Location
  • The conditions
    • Temperature
    • Wind
    • Time of day
It’s then the job of runner to go for a run, and a sensor to report the data up…

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