Another weekend, and looking forward to preparing more packaged tasks for collaborators on Project Soane to tackle.  First off I checked out the Box folder where all the shared reference material resides along with the families we are currently working on.  I knew from a Slack message that the large lunette windows of the Central Hall had been updated with glazing bars in a radial pattern, so I loaded this family back into the main model on C4R

At first glance it looks fine, but zooming in I notice that the glazing bars have come adrift from the glass.  Opening it up in Family Editor, everything seems fine, but of course the wall thickness is not the same, so change this from 6″ to 12″ and you reproduce the issue in the main model.

Easy to fix, just associate the sweeps with an appropriate work plane … but no, that option is not available. Edit sweep and it’s clear that the path was created using “pick 3d edges”.  I had advocated drafting this pattern out in lines to get the…

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