Trimble Buys e-Builder and Its Capital Management Software >

Trimble Buys e-Builder and Its Capital Management Software
Michael Molitch-Hou posted on February 12, 2018 | 64 views

Trimble’s growth in 2018 is steadily increasing, and it’s only February. The company has acquired e-Builder, a SaaS-based construction program management solution, which will add to Trimble’s portfolio of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) software.

Users of e-Builder Enterprise can create custom dashboards to perform business intelligence, such as tracking and predicting project costs. (Image courtesy of e-Builder.)

e-Builder Enterprise software provides Trimble with greater cloud capabilities associated with capital and program management. What sets e-Builder apart is its owner-centric approach to managing project information. Contractors and owners are able to access a central repository that includes cost, schedule and documents to ensure that construction is completed on time and within budget. The software is meant to benefit owners with its transparency and accountability, while contractors receive quicker payments and greater efficiency.

The acquisition complements Trimble’s existing owner-focused solutions, which range from the capital management and analytics software Proliance to CenterStone Computer Aided Facility Management and the space management software Manhattan Space Scheduling.

e-Builder also brings with it more than 200,000 construction projects from owners in North America valued at over $300…

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