Celebrating a 20-year journey – Through the Interface

When I first visited Neuchatel I instantly fell in love with the city. This was back in the summer of 1995, during my second round job interview for Autodesk. From that moment I knew I wanted to live here, but it was only in early 1998 that I had the chance to do so: a colleague had moved across to San Francisco to join the Kinetix development team, which left a Swiss-based vacancy in the European Developer Support team. I was thrilled to have the chance to move across and fill that role.

During my first few weeks in the city I stayed in a quaint little hotel called la Maison du Prussien. To my great surprise another colleague from the UK was staying there, too: John Goodman – who many of you will know from one or other of his roles at Autodesk – was moving across to Neuchatel to become the EMEA Product Manager for AutoCAD. John and I knew each other from the Guildford office of Autodesk UK, but it was really at this point that we cemented the foundation of what was to…

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