Why does Revit get to have all the fun with Dynamo? Now you could write points from Dynamo into ETABS! Simply follow the steps below in the image and give ETABS a chance!

  1. ETABS is a very popular structural analysis program created by CSI and I would recommend you run these nodes in “Manual” mode
  2. This method uses custom nodes from my custom package and its programmed in c# using Zero Touch. If you want to learn more about Zero Touch check out these videos on the Simplycomplex youtube channel and subscribe. 
  3. There are other methods to get Points from Dynamo to ETABS. Try this method and give ETABS a chance!
  4. This method is NOT meant to replace the “bi-directional” linking of structural analysis between Revit and Etabs nor any other “linking” method to Revit. 

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