Tough Audience

Yesterday I had the pleasure of visiting a class of 1st and 2nd-grade students in Lowrie Primary School in Wilsonville Oregon.


An Autodesk colleague had children attending there and asked if I would speak to Ms. M’s class on technology, and of course drones. I love kids and talking with them about technology as they always have a lot of energy and questions. We even had the approval of the school to pop up a drone outside and capture a photo of the children and teachers. I won’t be sharing photos of the students to respect their privacy.
Aerial Class Photo

It wasn’t just fun, it was about educating on UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems aka drones), or as I like to refer to them as flying cameras as it sounds less ominous. I showed a lot of aerial photos and video but also discussed how they work, safety, and how they are used such as capturing 3D models, search and rescue, monitoring coral reef health, and taking amazing photos from a different perspective like a 300-foot tall tripod.

It was a good time…

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