Meet the Robots—New Approaches and New Skills for Automation

Robots have been in use in industry for decades, but they’ve gotten radically more intelligent and useful over the past 10 years, mostly due to rapid advances in software and computing power. And the real progress is just getting rolling.

Unless John Connor comes back from the future to stop them, robots are expected to play an ever-increasing role in the Augmented Age we live in, handling common tasks and expanding human capabilities at work, at home, and on the roads in between.

These short presentations from AU 2017 give us a glimpse of what’s ahead in robotics and how the breakthroughs are happening.

Intuitive Robotics
You shouldn’t have to know how to write code to train a robot. Nick Cote of Autodesk explains how he and his team at Pier 9 are making the process of interacting with robots easy and intuitive—even instinctual. (video: 11:25 min.)


Automation for Infrastructure

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