Moving on Up in Portland to the Central Eastside

Autodesk PortlandAutodesk Portland

Myself along with other Portland Oregon Autodesk employees are moving on up, to the Central Eastside to the new Portland office in the morning. The new address is 221 SE Ankeny Street in the historic and recently renovated Towne Storage Building. We have worked from home last week while final details, moving of our packed offices and of course the last minute construction was underway.

The transition of around 200 employees from the previous SW Portland office in Lake Oswego will be  adjusting to their new commute and beta testing the office tomorrow starting at 7am. Autodesk has had an office in the Portland area for 25 years but located in the SW suburbs of Portland and now moving downtown to the Central Eastside for many exciting reasons.

I will be there with my camera as employees arrive and explore the new office space that was thoughtfully designed with employees input located in the historic and carefully restored to its old glory. The building and office celebrates Portland…

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