One mans trash digitizer pucks!

After recent posts about digitizing tablet overlays and a trip down memory lane on AutoCAD rearchitectures, today’s giveaway follows this retro theme. Francesco Tonioni uncovered a box of digitizing tablet pucks hidden away in a cupboard. I have no idea whether there is anything useful in having these without a tablet itself (presumably the tablet itself is fairly passive, but I’m not clear on exactly how they work) but I’d be more than happy to send any or all to someone who wants them. Drop me an email if they interest you!

Digitizer pucks

If you’re interested in knowing which connector is on what puck, for instance, do let me know: a variety of connectors have been used by the different manufacturers, over the years. As I’m not familiar with all the models, it would help if you could circle the pucks you’re interested in on a copy of the above image when you email me.

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