Revit Wall Naming Conventions-Survey Results

In January I posted a blog entry about Revit Wall Naming Conventions that had a survey attached to it. I ended up getting 34 people around the globe take the survey. Some of the results were surprising to me, but some were not.

My first question about if the use of short or long descriptive Revit wall names was what I expected. most people preferred to longer names over the shorter names. I did expect there to more of the longer names but still the longer names won by 74%

If you had a short name for the wall name most people still like a descriptive version of the wall name.

With the long name version of the wall names I was really looking to see what pattern of the wall names most people preferred, This was another one that really wan’t that much of a surprise to me. the pattern that I currently use got 56% of the votes my only surprise here was that it didn’t more of the votes

In understanding what information that needs to be in the pattern of the name this is these I had some…
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