Autodesk has made significant updates to Revit and Dynamo softwares

Autodesk has made vital updates to its Revit and Dynamo platforms. Autodesk Revit 2019 comprising of Autodesk’s proprietary building information modeling (BIM) program, combines alterations on the basis of the user requests for viewing controls in an efficient manner.

The open-source Dynamo 2.0 software is supported with a new file format and user-friendly scripting language, Architect Magazine reported.

In Revit 2019, there is an “or” Boolean operator to deal with viewing preferences, other than the subsisting “and” variable. It facilitates the users to obtain more combinations of viewing conditions. Other new features range from multi-monitor support and double-fill patterns for added visual interest.

Dynamo 2.0 saves files in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON), in spite of the XML file format that is employed in the earlier version. The node library can now be rescaled and collapsed to simplify the task of browsing. The scripting language has also been simplified.


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