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You Asked for It – Labs at Data Day


Now that we have 2 successful Data Days under our belts and a better understanding of our attendees and what they are most interested in we have decided to switch it up a bit this year; based on feedback, surveys, and actual human interaction, we have added a lab component to our event.

We are happy to announce that computers will be provided in the labs, and to allow our attendees to get the most out of this single-day event, we have the 2 labs running simultaneously. This ensures that all attendees get to attend one lab and guarantees that everyone is in attendance for all our other speakers, so no one misses out.

We’ve selected 2 fantastic speakers with different topics, one focusing on management and manipulation of data, and the other focusing on the visualization of data:


Dynamo – Everyone’s Doing It – Vol.3 – Attack of the Data, presented by Carl Storms, Solutions Consultant, IMAGINiT Technologies


How to Use Power BI…

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