AU classes and Forge events

I’m on the train, heading to Geneva airport for my trip across to Barcelona for the latest Forge Accelerator. It seems there’s a good crowd in the room, already, so it should be a fun week.

Yesterday I submitted two classes for Autodesk University 2018 in Las Vegas: I wonder what proportion of classes are submitted on the last day of the CFP period, and whether this number is stable, year after year. I usually try to submit my own classes earlier, but this year things have been a little hectic, for some reason.

The first class I submitted is really for the Forge DevCon, and focuses on work we’ve done to integrate multiple viewers into Dasher 360 to implement a campus or city view. In the first case we’ll look at using data from InfraWorks for campus-scale, and then the ArcGis 3D web-viewer for city-scale.

The second class is about the project we’ve been working on for Van Wijnen around “Generative Urban Design”. The plan is to have three presenters talk about the…

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