Autodesk University Classes – Voting is Open!

Below are my two Autodesk University classes that I want to teach on. If you can please vote on them here: LINK

Model Management using the Forge/BIM 360 platform

With the Forge platform, MasterGraphics.aec has developed a BIM 360 application to help model managers streamline their ability to see into their models and visualize issues. Some firms have developed custom Dynamo graphs along with Python code to get similar results, but this process isn’t interactive or in real-time with the models. Our application is fully interactive with data attributes in pie/table chart format showing what or where the issues are, along with highlighting the issues from the project in a 3D view and a 2D sheet.

Since our application uses the BIM 360 platform, it is also web based and mobile. So, if you or someone else is offsite and away from a desktop, there is the ability to access the application on any phone or tablet, on any OS, to visualize current issues in real time. If…

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