Creating Traditional Revit Forms in the Conceptual Massing Environment

In my recent presentation at BILT ANZ 2018 in Brisbane – Creating Nurby Forms in Revit, I started off by analysing how the traditional Revit 3D form creation tools can be matched in the Conceptual Massing Environment.


Traditional 3D form creation in Revit has 5 predefined sketch-based tools – these are well understood by most Revit users. They are also very limited when it comes to creating double-curved or organic shapes.

Unlike these, the newer Adaptive/CME form creation methods (from Revit 2010 onwards) are somewhat of a mystery to many users – the logic is completely different, and there is only one ‘Create Form’ command.   However, it is capable of creating much more organic shapes than the traditional tools.

I have previously listed an extensive comparison between the ‘Rival Revit Form Creation Environments’.  In this series of blog posts I will go into much greater detail on the subtle inconsistencies between each form creation method.  Understanding…

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