RevitCat: Creating Extrusions in Revit Mass

The previous post introduced the idea of comparing the five traditional form creation tools with equivalent techniques in the Revit Conceptual Massing Environment.  Here we analyse the subtleties of creating forms in the CME.

Part 1:  Extrusions

It might seem to be pretty straight forward creating an extrusion in the massing environment, but it is surprising how many tricks there are to it.  These depend largely on how the profile is created before using it to generate a form.

I have recorded a video description of this process, available on YouTube.

This one is pretty quiet, maybe suitable for an open plan office.

For those who prefer a more old fashioned UX, read on . . .


  • Create a 2d profile (model lines, reference lines, loaded component or select edges of an existing form). NB. The profile cannot contain a loop within a loop
  • Select the profile lines
  • Click on Create Form
  • It will create a solid if the profile was closed, or just some surfaces if it was…

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