Class recordings from AU London 2018 are now available online

London's calling - AU classes now available online

The class recordings from this year’s Autodesk University held in London’s Tobacco Dock are now available for your viewing pleasure.My Dasher 360 presentation

Here’s the recording of the class I presented:

If you’re interested in going a little deeper into the technical aspects of how we’ve used Autodesk’s Forge platform in Dasher 360, then I recommend watching this class from the Forge DevCon at AU 2017 in Las Vegas, where my colleague Simon Breslav presented similar material – but with greater depth – for an audience made up primarily of developers:

We have a number of ongoing projects related to Dasher 360, at the moment. One that I’m particularly excited about is the prospect of getting Empa’s NEST building into Dasher 360. Here’s a quick preview of NEST inside Dasher 360 – shown this morning at a BIM 360 event held at NEST over in Zurich – although for now we haven’t yet integrated data being collected from the building itself.

Preview of NEST inside Dasher 360

Many thanks to Philipp Mueller for…

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