How To Show Ceiling Height In A Room Tag

This week, we’ve got a great question from Dominique:

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Got another question to ask you about Room Tag & Ceiling Height in one.

I understand in Revit Pure Template they only have Room Tags and Ceiling Tags separate, as I’m trying to create a Room Tag with Ceiling Height as one Tag. I try look up google without success, so whats the best way to create it up?

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The answer is that there is no simple way of doing such a thing. Revit would get confused trying to report on the ceiling height. What if there is multiple ceilings in the same room? In another era, the only workaround would have been to manually type in a fake, dumb text value. Very anti-BIM behavior.

The good news is that Revit release 2016R2 helped us a lot in this regard. The release introduced Global Parameters, which can be used among multiple families and objects in a model. The rest of this post will describe a method to display ceiling height in a room tag. With a little bit of…

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