Welcome to the Convergence: How Processes for Making, Building, and Producing Are Coming Together

Time was, manufacturing and architecture didn’t have much in common—they were different industries using different workflows. And entertainment?  That was a galaxy far, far away.

But times have changed. With new digital technologies, these industries are converging, learning from each other, and adopting shared approaches for making, building, and producing.

In AEC, architects and contractors are increasingly turning to more modular, industrial approaches—creating building components that can be fabricated off-site, replicated easily, and fit together in repeatable ways that enable us to accelerate construction while reducing waste.

And manufacturers are finding that they need to be more responsive and able to customize—it no longer works to build a factory or workflow that creates only one product.

Meanwhile, those in the world of entertainment are starting to plan and pre-visualize their productions much like car manufacturers do for concept cars.

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