This is another post I started preparing in April that has gone on hold while I plunged into the Volterra reality capture experience.  “Flashback begins”

Over the past three months or so we have spent many hours raising the level of detail in our Revit Model of the Bank of England, as it was in 1833 when Soane retired.  The “map” below shows the area that has been our main focus, and the numbers represent panoramas created using the awesome power of


If you aren’t using it, you should be.  Instant gratification.

Much remains to be done, and some of the panoramas shared below have obvious faults, but the character of Soane’s masterpiece, (building upon the work of two previous architects) is beginning to shine through.  And so we proudly present a series of panoramas generated via the awesomeness of Enscape3d.  This is a work in progress, a labour of love, a collaborative effort, a lost moment in history, our gift to the world.

First of all a key to camera locations

We start…

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