Dynamo: Sorting a List of Lists by a Value in the Sub-List in Python

I had a list that was composed of sub-lists, each sublist contained a Sheet Object and the values of three parameters associated with that Sheet, including the Sheet Number. I wanted to be able to sort the sub-lists in ascending order of the Sheet Number value in each sublist. I found the following Python code does the job:

sortedLists = sorted(listOfLists, key=lambda x: x[index])

where index is the index of the item in the sub-list on which you want to do the sorting.

For example, given a list with four sublists, similar to that in the image below,

where the index of the Sheet Number in each list is 1, the code below

will sort the sub-lists by the item in index 1 of each sub-list, with a result of

This page on the stackoverflow website helped me work this out. Two additional notes:

  • If you want to replace the original list with the sorted list, you can use this syntax:

    listOfLists.sort(key=lambda x: x[index]).

  • If you want to sort in descending order, add reverse=true as a…

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