Get better view of 3D BIM models on the construction site with new HoloLens OS update

The latest HoloLens OS update (RS4) offers some immense benefits for BIM Holoview users. The performance and projection stability are enhanced significantly as well as the memory capacity is also increased greatly.

It facilitates the users to enlarge the size of the Autodesk® Revit® and Navisworks® files that BIM Holoview handles. As a result, more building services and bigger areas can now be viewed.

This improvement supports the following two major features of BIM Holoview:

(1) Perfect location of models to within 2cm that allows visual inspection of the proper placement of structural components and services.

(2) The transparency mode that facilitates the layers of a building, and hidden structure and services to be visualized.

Due to design and construction faults, the non-residential construction industry has to loss approximately US $49 billion per year. The objective of BIM Holoview is to decrease these costs by around 50%.

So, the average savings for a construction…

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