Details of CADS RC3D for Revit

The purpose of CADS RC3D is to simplify the placement, annotation and bar marking of reinforcing steel for all types of RC structures. CADS RC expands the robust reinforcement modelling strength of Revit.

By employing the 3D modelling functionality of Revit efficiently, CADS RC3D facilitates the rebar being splitted into particle groups (bar ranges). Besides, bar marks are formed and managed, detailed reinforcement (shop) drawings are produced with the single click of mouse.

Bar bending schedules are generated automatically and material lists are exported to external production software file formats like BVBs, aSa, Soulé and Excel.

With it’s user-friendly functionality, it is possible to produce 2D detailed reinforcement (shop) drawings from Revit models.

Unique annotation functions offer ticking & tagging of bar ends in different user-defined styles.

Supplementary annotation functions are generated to detail tapered ranges and mark rebar ends.

Modelled rebar is divided into…

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