How to get approval for speaking at BILT – RTC News

A few times in the past we have written about how to get approval to attend BILT, but now that we ask you to get approval before  you submit an abstract, potential speakers need to think about getting approval both from their clients and their employers early. If you hadn’t heard the news yet, abstracts for  BILT ANZ 2019 are due in just over one month’s time, on Thursday 1 November.  So you’d better get onto it soon.  If you want some tips about how to maximise your chance of being accepted, check out our recent blog post: Top 10 – How DO I get my abstract accepted for BILT?

So how can you convince your employer or your client that speaking is a good idea?  We don’t have 10 tips this time, but these ideas might help.

Plan your approach

Don’t leave it till the last minute!  Even if you may only need to get permission from one person, you don’t want to be asking them when they are under a deadline or just having a bad day.  Have a good well thought out idea to…

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