Technical or Strategy? – RTC News

We are living in an information era, with an escalating production of content, a very significant growth on scientific papers published with almost endless sources. But does quantity mean quality? Is this really helping us?

The biggest challenge we have most of the time isn’t to get the necessary content, but to know what we need, what to expect of our findings before we spend our time on it and knowing the best reliable source to get it. This is one of the reasons we have BILT events and let me explain you why by telling what BILT is and isn’t.

  • BILT isn’t a party! (Although we throw a couple of pretty good ones)
  • BILT isn’t a trade show! (Although we do have an exhibition area of selected sponsors who we endorse because of the value they bring to our delegates)
  • BILT isn’t a Summit! (Although it’s a meeting point for many of the industry leaders and experts and it’s a community-based event where we do more than networking, we relate as a family of peers)
  • BILT IS a…

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