A New Era – RTC News

If you haven’t been living under a rock over the past few months you may have noticed a change – from RTC to the Digital Built Environment Institute (DBEI) – in some new events and communications. This change hasn’t just been made lightly, in fact the reasons behind this change have been synonymous with the direction our events have been moving for quite some time.

Our History 

The legacy of the RTC name, and the Revit Technology Conference series, began when we were truly a Revit focussed event, back in 2005. 2 years ago the name of our primary event series, RTC, changed to BILT – Buildings, Infrastructure, Lifecycle, Technology –  to represent the changing nature of our events and to more accurately reflect the BIM community’s needs. Our goal now is not only to provide knowledge around software and technology, but to be a trusted builder of communities dedicated to the built environment. We are all about sharing knowledge, working smarter and more…

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