Abstract Submissions Open – RTC News

Autodesk University. Check.

Thanksgiving Holidays. Check.

You know what that means? Built Digital Week Abstract are open: BCS, DTS, Data Day and BILT. The committee expects around 400 submissions (which are all individually reviewed – multiple times). And from past experience I can tell you that quite frankly, some abstracts are woefully ill conceived. 

Attending conferences is an investment in future revenue. How will that revenue be recovered? By the delegate learning something that in turn will save them, their co-workers and their company time, money and helping create a better experience for their customer.

Would you like to submit an abstract that’s more likely than not to get selected? It’s not really that hard. You just have to remember that your submission isn’t about you. It’s about your audience.

Once you login in or register, there’s five key fields that’ll help your session get selected or rejected. Focus on these five fields to your betterment or…

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