AU 2018 class recordings are now online

Like many of you (with some countries unfortunately having been excluded due to privacy regulations) I’ve just received an awesome customized video about this year’s Autodesk University. Here’s a link to the one I received, in case you didn’t get one yourself. I’m guessing they didn’t actually record a custom video – perhaps by training an infinite number of monkey videographers – to make this. Anyway – it was a great job, however it was done.

A still from the customized AU video

The video was to announce a new web platform for AU content, including the recordings from this year’s event.

Of my classes two were recorded (the pre-conference sessions, including this one, unfortunately were not). Here’s one of the sessions I co-presented with Lorenzo Villaggi from The Living:

Here’s the “Getting Started with Generative Design for AEC” session – all about Project Refinery – that I delivered solo:

To wrap up this post, here’s a nice video from my friend and Toronto colleague, Ramtin Attar,…

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