Generative design and IoT, a virtuous circle!

I really enjoy my job, these days (although frankly that’s been true for the majority of my career at Autodesk): I get to work on projects related to IoT (Dasher 360) and to generative design (using Dynamo + Refinery). This is a real privilege, because there’s a connection between the two that’s tangible and that will become more and more important. It’s that connection that I want to talk about today, as this week was the first time I’ve covered my two areas of focus in a single, in-depth presentation.

On Wednesday afternoon I presented a keynote session at the Swiss Buildtec Alliance Autumn Conference, held at the FHNW (the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland) campus in Muttenz. The building is brand-new – it officially opened two months ago – and while the outside is unremarkable…

It's another big cuboid

… the inside is straight out of an M. C. Escher drawing. The effect is exaggerated by the individual stairs being visible from beneath. Fantastic!

Until you get inside

There were two…

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