Some useful tips to draw front elevation in AutoCAD

In this autocad video tutorial, you will learn some useful tips to draw front elevation of any building.

Once a elevation line is drawn, it is necessary to extract an elevation from the elevation line and the objects picked up in the building model.

As soon as a 2D elevation is created, the object produced is a 2D Section/Elevation object. Both 2D sections and elevations contain the equivalent object type and style.

Prior to generate an elevation, thaw and activate all layers of objects in the building model that should be contained in the elevation. The Objects on layers which are off or frozen cannot be segment of the selection set for the elevation. To make the performance better, deactivate the layers of the objects that should not be contained in the elevation.

2D Elevations: 2D elevations are produced by drawing an elevation line in front of a number of objects and then generating a 2D elevation object out of them. The elevation object is drawn devoid of hidden and…

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