A couple of posts back I put caryatids as placeholders for the four statues that stood guard over Soane’s triumphal arch on the south side of Lothbury Court.  Soon afterwards I got a message from Russell Fuller Hill who did such a fantastic job of modelling the Consols Transfer Office, way back in the early days of Project Soane.  He was the original source of these caryatids, and offered to come up with a few more examples.

Sure enough, a week or so later he sent me a link to half a dozen “Greek statues” gleaned from the web.  They aren’t close matches to the figures that Soane used, but at least we can have some variety.  In any case, a placeholder is not meant to be a faithful representation.  We just want to say, “here are four different statues in a classical style”.  So I have taken Russell’s statues and a couple that I found myself, and turned them into a little collection… to be enlarged upon as time allows.

Russell’s approach to mesh geometry is to give the “spiders web” a…

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