What makes Autodesk Insight Energy Analysis tool special? 

To fully understand we need to take a bit of a road trip back to 2012 and follow the road back to today. For myself, I’ve been along for the ride through all of this, some of it has been a little bumpy but I appreciate how much Autodesk has put forth when it comes to time and money to make all of this happen.

After reading this I hope everyone better understands the effort that has put into the energy, lighting, and solar analysis tools that everyone uses every day, including energy analysis tools outside of the Autodesk AEC Collection that use EnergyPlus.

So follow along with me for some “insight” on how we got here, pun intended…

Consider the following:

  • Industry Standard Engines

    • Much like traditional energy analysis tools, Insight leverages both DOE-2 and EnergyPlus to perform calculations.
    • Autodesk is one of the largest contributors to the development of these file formats over the past decade. Most significantly:
      • After the acquisitions of Green Building Studio and…

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