Different types of risks with BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Building information modeling (BIM) software is a tool that can be used to minimize the cost of construction as well as accelerate the construction process of any project.

BIM software can decompose components of the job and help to obtain a superior understanding of the construction project that is executed by the contractors and subcontractors. If employed perfectly, BIM can minimize construction time, costs, and claims.

The problems may occur when BIM is not precisely shared and demonstrated to all construction members.

Communication: While enforcing BIM as an inherent part of your project, the problem may arise if proper collaboration is not made among everyone associated all through the construction phases. With BIM, the architects can produce a superior building model that minimizes costs and materials, if the general contractor (GC) is not involved on the plan, then claims and issues will take place.

Control: As soon as the BIM is formed and allocated to the project members,…

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