How to efficiently utilize design options in Revit

In this exclusive Revit video tutorial, you will learn how to apply the stunning design options tool in Revit to explore through various design options and use them in your 3d model. Test these design options and check how they perform devoid of saving individual files.

The users can access design options in the following two ways :-

From the Manage tab > Design Options (under Design Option Panel).

At the bottom bar of the Revit window, click the icon.

When the Design Options dialog box open, it is found that the dialog box is segregated into 2 parts. The white box on the left shows all the design options available for any project. In the right side, there are the editing tools like Edit, Option Set and Option which are utilized to produce the design options.

Edit – This option allows you to edit each option. There is another option alias Switch between Options to edit option quickly.

Option Set – It is a folder that retains all the options for a specific area of interest. As…

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