How To Find Out What Version Of Revit A File Is Without Opening Revit

As we all know, Autodesk bring out a new version of Revit every year. I for one have multiple versions of Revit loaded, as I have worked on a lot of different projects over the years. Existing projects can be upgraded to the newest version of Revit, but this can create issues with other consultants involved and what version of Revit they are running. As such, it is extremely frustrating opening an old project and trying to guess which version of Revit it is! Figuring out the Revit file version of a project is is not so simple, and may mean opening the project with each version of Revit to find out. What a pain!

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Finding what version of revit a file is without opening Revit

If you right click on a .rvt file and click properties, it only gives you the Date created and the Date modified. To find out what Revit Version the .rvt file is (without opening Revit) we open the .rvt file using Notepad.

What Version Of Revit

This bring ups a text file with a whole lot of gobbledygook!…

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