Learn to generate surface profile from file in AutoCAD Civil 3D

In this exclusive autocad tutorial, you will learn how to generate surface profile of existing road from file in AutoCAD Civil 3D. The surface will be created directly based on the labels and profiles. You don’t to draw surface separately. Initially, it is required to generate profile from file.

It is possible to generate a surface profile either from a horizontal alignment on a surface or from a surface profile file.

While generating a centerline profile, just produce one or more offset profiles simultaneously. Employ the Draw in Profile View option to illustrate the profile in the drawing.

Click Home tab > Create Design panel > Profile drop-down > Create Surface Profile Find.

In the Create Profile from Surface dialog box, in the Alignment list, choose the horizontal alignment to be utilized for the profile.

Make sure, that the surface to be utilized should be listed in the select surfaces list. If several surfaces are listed, apply Ctrl + click to choose one or more of…

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