To Speak or not to Speak – RTC News

With planning for BILT Europe 2019 now underway, we come to that time of the year where we ask our community to submit their ideas and comments to help us shape what we believe is going to be a truly amazing event! The 2019 event will be held in Edinburgh, Scotland between 10 – 12 October and one way to be part of it is to submit an abstract to speak. If selected, not only you will become part of the notorious group of speakers, you will also receive free access to the whole 3 days event! 

  • What is BILT Europe

    BILT Europe is a highly regarded annual event focusing on the use of BIM, technology and digital information in the AECO industry. This event provides unrivaled access to decision makers on some of the main AECO companies and provides a networking environment between top experts in the field.

    BILT is an educational event, with classes, content and knowledge shared and provided by international renowned professionals. It is set as a milestone for many companies…

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