Converting AutoCAD Meter Drawing into Inch Feet Drawing

While working with the measurements in AutoCAD one problem one question is very common to all which is if an AutoCAD drawing is in feet or inches but needs to be converted into Metric units or vice versa, what will be the steps? Though this question is raised a couple of times, the answer is simple; there are some following steps that will help in converting the measurements.

In this article we are going to discuss about the process of converting an AutoCAD drawing from Metric to Inches, here are the steps to follow:

• At first new file has to open in the window by the following path- click on the File Menu > click on Open option, it will open a new file.
• Next the units has to chose; in the command box users can type UN which will open a dialogue box, in this dialogue box Type, Precision and Unit to Scale has to change.
• Next go to the command line click on Insert Command and enter INSERT.
• Then find the structure and open it from the file location.
• If the dimension…

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