CorelCAD 2018 – The powerful 2D drafting & 3D design tools

CorelCAD 2018 is the newest professional 2D drafting and 3D design tools. It is compatible with windows and Mac platform as well as various industry standard tiles like .DWG, .STL, .PDF and .CDR.

Given below, some exclusive features of CorelCAD 2018 :-

Native .DWG files – Open, edit and save files in .DWG format for making smooth collaboration with colleagues and suppliers.

3D solid editing and modeling tools – Save significant design time with rapid on-screen editing tools. The improved EntityGrips and Properties palette facilitate for 3D editing and offer discerning manipulation skillset in 3D. Include 3D solid primitives to your design and employ Boolean operations to connect, bisect and subtract bodies. There are different types of advanced editing tools like Filleting Edges of 3D Solids, and coloring, moving, rotating and offsetting individual faces of 3D solids.

Table support: By applying the new ExportTable command, the tables can be exported in a comma separated format…

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